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Prison Architect: Build and Manage a Maximum Security Prison! Edit

Prison Architect is the fifth original game from Introversion Software, currently in ALPHA. We are hoping to use this Wiki as the primary source for help with the game.

This Wiki is open to changes from anyone, signed in or not. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki if you wish. We would recommend that you register your forum name in this wiki so you can keep track of everything you do and be proud of the number of posts and edits! Do you want to contribute to the ever-growing wiki? Consult the Community Portal and the Guideline for information on how you can.

We're keen to encourage new people to join the alpha so please feel free to talk about the game, upload YouTube play-throughs, tweet bug reports (especially the hilarious ones) etc. Basically do whatever you like, but please DO NOT distribute the actual build. We can't monitor all builds published over the Internet so we put our trust in your honesty and integrity.

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