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This article contains a list of the current mods in Prison Architect. For the development of mods, see Modding. For the development of scenario mods, see Lua.

A mod is content for the game that is community written. As of Alpha 16, the Steam Workshop can now be used to share mods.

Since Alpha 15, Prison Architect has built-in mod support. With this new functionality it is now possible to enable, disable, and rearrange the sequence of the mods that you want to load. For mods created during Alpha 14 and earlier, see Mods (Obsolete).

Since the release of Alpha 24 the modding system was overhauled to make it a lot easier for developers to create new content. Whereas previously it was only possible to add new Grants, it has since been made possible to edit, create and generate a swathe of new roles, objects, rooms, and much more to truly change the game. (See the full list here)

Getting started

Steam Workshop mods

If the mod is part of the Steam Workshop, you need to go to the workshop page of the mod and subscribe. Then, when you go into the game, you will need to activate it through the mods tab in the main menu.

It's worth noting that as of Alpha 24, any new Grants will be loaded in the order of installed mods. All grants are loaded into the game additively (so none will be overwritten), but only the first instance of any grant will be loaded if there's more than one with the same name. Any subsequent grants with the same name will be ignored.

External mods

For any mods outside of the Steam Workshop, all you need to do to install a new mod is download the mod and extract it into the mods directory located in %localappdata%\Introversion\Prison Architect\. After unpacking, you need to restart the game, and the mod will appear in the Mods menu option under Extra. There you can enable or disable the mod, or change the order in which they are loaded.



Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
Reform Changes Knoest26 1.0 Changes the Programs by changing the behavioural therapy into a mandatory group therapy which each prisoner must complete before being mandatorily be put in the next programs. Forum Steam Workshop
Lockdown Mod Stevowevo77 1.1 Secure your Prison like never before! Lockdown contains new grants, new textures and more, allowing you to decide the destiny of your Prison, not the Prisoners... Forum Steam Workshop
Doing Time Mod Blacksythe 1.0 Prisoners getting out too early make them wait twice as long before tasting freedom. Forum Dropbox
Sandbox Mode Mod jackbua 1.1 This Mod is a combination of a grant.lua file that gives you 100 Million dollars just for having a delivery zone and a materials.txt file that removes the time it takes your workmen to construct/install/demolish all objects. Forum Steam Workshop
Sandbox Mode Mod (Alternative) ApolloLV 0.2 This mod also includes a 10 Million dollar grant, but does not remove the time to build/demolish objects, but sets it to 0.1 seconds instead. Additionally, most objects gain the teleportable attribute, enabling workmen to just place them without any delivery. ~ Steam Workshop
Gary's Amazing Vegetable Patch Mod Gary 1.0 An official demonstration mod from Introversion Software to demonstrate the new mod system released in Alpha 24. Adds a production chain to make a new room type of Vegetable Patch, train prisoners to manage it, grow vegetables and then transport those vegetables to the kitchen to be prepared. ~ Steam Workshop
Chapel silvernightnl 1.1 Adds spirituality requirement for prisoners, adds Chapel room type, pew and alter object types and the Advanced Bible Study programme for Prisoner learning. Forum Steam Workshop
Mental Architect Knoest26; Scott Jackson 1.0 Changes your prison into a mental institute, with new UI, armed guards are now nurses with lethal injections and includes a whole new reform program. ~ Steam Workshop
Library and book creating SirNoolas 1.5 Adds a new room-type of library as well as the ability for your prisoners to write and bind books. ~ Steam Workshop
Rock crushing mod SirNoolas 2.2 Adds the movie style possibility for you to entertain your prisoners with smashing big rocks into smaller ones. (oh, and there's mineable ore!) Forum Steam Workshop
Barbersshop mod SirNoolas 1.3 Makes your prisoners want a haircut. Forum Steam Workshop
Sports mod SirNoolas 2.1 Adds a swimming pool and various sporting devices. Forum Steam Workshop
Army callout mod SirNoolas 1.3 Allows you to call for the army. Also adds a worker and private-reinforcements callout. ~ Steam Workshop
Hot chicks Puman 1.0 Adds a production chain to manage poultry. Forum Steam Workshop
Going postal Puman Beta Adds a postal service with both in and outbound mail. Forum Steam Workshop
BarberMod Oskr13 1.6 Adds a BarberShop, with jobs, needs, contraband and lot more. Forum Steam Workshop


Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
Automatic Grant + Mod Creator Reeceaclarke 3.1 Ever wondered how to create grants of your own? Well with this software it makes creating grants for the game as easy as a few clicks away. Forum Prison Exchange
Combined Grants Mod (Nicotin, Grimvirus, Adicos & LDS) coloreddrums Alpha 15 Repacking "Combination of Nicotin, Grimvirus, Adicos & LDShadowLord's grants" for modding system ~ Prison Exchange
Global Financial Crisis Mod Paktsardines ~ More challenging and enjoyable gameplay through new and rebalanced grants and objectives. Forum link
New Grants Mod (LDS & Xathz) Xathz ~ Adds more grants to the game. Forum link
Supreme Grants Collection DarkBBurning 1.2 35 additional grants. ~ Steam Workshop
Adfly link

Graphic Mods

Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
[MoD] - Prison Architect HD Michał Hoffman (HoffmanPL); Alpha 28 This mod is updated regularly with new update of the game but not only. Sometimes I update the modification takes place several times a month. The modification introduces us to a better world than this graphic that offer game developers. Also improves some bugs in the game. FaceBook Steam Workshop
Seasons MiriW; Smodd; Master-Guy; Kawo; Mobyduck; Piterman; GROOV3ST3R ~ This mod is updated regularly, to reflect both the season and current alpha. We hope to provide a fun experience across nationalities and boundaries. ~ Dropbox
Seasons - Christmas (Miri's Festive mod) MiriW 1.1
Alpha 16
Replaces some of the skins and names in your prison with festive ones. Shown by Chris in Alpha Preview. Forum Dropbox
Simpler Needs Icons Fishbus ~ Needs iconography made simpler and more distinct so you can tell what those pesky prisoners are complaining about further away than before! ~ Steam Workshop
Thekillergreece's Town Mod Thekillergreece Alpha 6 Replaces some of your staff skins, contraband icons, different room texts and some secrets on! Forum Steam Workshop
Gulag ApolloLV 0.74
Alpha 20
Replaces a lot of game content, mostly graphics, to create a siberian Gulag-like setting. ~ Steam Workshop
JVA - German Prison bejay45 Alpha 19 Give your prison a little more german feel with german guards. Also includes many other graphical changes. Forum Steam Workshop
Direct Download
Star Wars - Imperial Architect Vector Alpha 20 Imperial Architect is a widely used, fan made Star Wars conversion mod. ~ Steam Workshop
Half-Life 2 - Combine Architect _Jensuu Alpha 20 Combine Architect is another fan made mod, but this time you dive into the dark world of the combine. ~ Steam Workshop
Lunatic Asylum - Mental Architect SYN Alpha 20 You don't manage a prison anymore, you now have to deal with maniacs being sent to your lunatic asylum. ~ Steam Workshop
Prisoners of War Mr Krabs, Condor, Mr.HaloPilgrim Alpha 20 Allied P.O.W.s plan their escape from a German camp during World War II. It is your job to stop them. ~ Steam Workshop
Natural Texture Nermal Sirius Alpha 22 This is an early version of a texture mod I'm working on to make Prison Architect look a little more "real" ~ Steam Workshop
Materials Base Mod gmyx Alpha 17 Contains the base materials file; to simplify other materials mods; NOTE: This mod must be the last one in the mods list or other mods changing materials.txt will not work. This realease is linked to Alpha 17 Forum Steam Workshop
Added Materials Mod Knoest26 1.0 Adds Water, Long Grass, mud and the road markings to the game. ~ Steam Workshop
Island Prison Architect Pruvan; _Jensuu Alpha 25 Turns your supply road to water and changes vehicle types to boats to give you control of a floating fortress prison. Prisoners can still swim to safety if they escape. Forum Steam Workshop


Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
Secure Doors HookerHeels 1.0 Changes the price, strength and textures of solitary doors to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Forum MediaFire - Sprites
MediaFire - Remote Door Fix
Superior Beds Kylepaul23 1.0 Adds the option of using superior beds within cells. Forum Steam Workshop
IKEA Furniture Brouwerder 1.0 Adds medium-sized dishwasher and a 1-tile sink for bathrooms. Forum Steam Workshop
Bunkbeds sirNoolas 2.1 Adds bunkbeds rather than single beds for use in cells. Currently not possible to get 2 prisoners to use them however. Forum Steam Workshop
Guard Towers sirNoolas 1.0 Adds guard towers which will be used by snipers. ~ Steam Workshop
First Aid Station Puman 1.0 A wall-mounted first aid kit which will heal any nearby guards back up to 75% of their health. Forum Steam Workshop
I'll drink to that! Puman 1.0 A modified drinks machine which will rejuvenate resting staff. Forum Steam Workshop
Computers and More Mod! dsdude123 1.3.1 Adds Computers, Printers, and more. Forum Steam Workshop

Room Types

Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
Toilet Mod rsdworker 2.0 Creation of three new room types. Bathroom, Restroom, Lavatory. Removes toilet requirement from cell and adds option for en-suite. Also adds functionality for prisoners to wash hands in sink. Forum Steam Workshop
Cramped! Smaller rooms Puman 1.0 Makes the room minimum sizes smaller. Forum Steam Workshop


Name Author Version Description Forum Link Download Link
Tutorial - Getting Started RGeezy911 3.1 An alternative tutorial scenario to teach new players how to play the game Forum Steam Workshop
Mental Architect Knoest26 Scott Jackson 1.0 Edward strikes again, this time he destroyed a Hospital and you have been put in charge of turning the ruined hospital into a functional MedicalWard Forum Steam Workshop
Zombie Outbreak Knoest26 thekillergreece 1.0 A small campaign about a zombie outbreak Forum Steam Workshop
WIP Gulag Campaign Knoest26 syndicato 0.1 To be announced Forum TBA


See also: Game Translation

Please note that not everything can be translated yet. See this Mantis Bug tracker page for more information. (English)

Name Author Compatibility Forum Link Download Link
Polish (Polski) Michał Hoffman (HoffmanPL); Alpha 28 Prison Architect Polska Steam Workshop
Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro) Paulo "mobyduck" Belato Alpha 28 Blog Steam Workshop
Czech (český jazyk) Fenek Alpha 15 Czech translation topic Dropbox
Danish (Dansk) (v1.1) Jonatan "Locercus" Korgaard; MiriW Alpha 16 Danish translation topic Dropbox
Dutch (Nederlands) (v0.1) Master-Guy Alpha 16 Dutch translation topic Steam Workshop
French (Français) + Bonus pack (images) Kawo ~ French translation topic Steam Workshop
German (Deutsch) Smodd Alpha 28+ German translation topic Steam Workshop
Prison Exchange
Romanian (Română) YellowSpy Alpha 16 ~ Steam Workshop
Prison Exchange
Russian (ру́сский) PiroG_GG ~ Russian Prison Architect Forum Forum
Spanish (Español) Tapia (NokiaJavi); Alpha 15 - 21+ Spanish translation topic Steam Workshop
Italian (Italiano) PaulGhost; Alpha 24 ~ Steam Workshop
Hungarian (Magyar) (DC5)Syrius; Alpha 26+ ~ Steam Workshop