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This Prisoner needs Food

Prisoners have various psychological needs, which they attempt to satisfy by 'completing' the respective activity linked to that need. Prisoners with unmet needs will complain and tend to start fights.

Viewing Needs

The overall population feeling on needs can be seen in the Reports, selecting Needs. Each need is listed with a bar chart, the longer they are, the more prisoners are affected by the need.

Level Display Notes
Critical Red This Need is not being met, or prisoners are unable to satisfy the need. Disruption from prisoners will be imminent if left unresolved.
High Orange This need has been unmet for a substantial amount of time and is likely to begin upsetting the prison population. Ensure your prison contains adequate facilities to meet this need.
Medium Yellow This need has gone unmet for a short period of time which is acceptable in the normal operation of the prison. Disruptions and riots from this population are unlikely.
Satisfied Green Prison's needs have been fully met.
Active Blue Prisoner is engaged in an activity to meet their need and thus reduce the demand of the need slightly.
A serious complaint balloon. If left unsatisfied, these Prisoners might begin Rioting

Prisoners will also display their needs on a tool-tip once a Psychologist has been hired. If a Psychologist is not hired you will be unsure as to what your Prisoners need and in order to prevent 'violent outbursts', you will need to hire one. Inmates will list all of their needs with a number of +'s before it, the more +'s, the more in need they are. Needs that are currently being met will be displayed in Green. Needs that are not being met in a timely manner will see the need change to capital letters.

Prisoners will also visually express unmet needs with picture balloons to indicate they are vocally complaining their desire for a specific need in the form of an 'outburst' they will have a white speech bubble voicing their concerns.

Tending to Needs

Prisoners will try to 'complete' their various needs even if there is no items/rooms designated for them to do so, for example a prisoner with a strong need to empty his bladder will start urinating on the ground if no toilet is available, or if a prisoner is forced to stay somewhere eg. shower or yard, same goes for bowels.

Needs can be met by providing the prisoners with suitable equipment for that need.

Need Description Actions taken to Relieve Need
Need bladder.jpg
The Prisoner needs to relieve themselves. Prisoner will seek out a Toilet in either the room they are currently occupying due to Regime, or back in their own cell, or holding cell.
Need bowels.jpg
Currently this need is identical to Bladder and both needs are satisfied at once. Prisoner will seek out a Toilet in either the room they are currently occupying due to Regime, or back in their own cell, or holding cell.
Need sleep.jpg
The Prisoner is tired. The Prisoner will seek out a Bed in either a Holding Cell or their personal Cell during Freetime or Sleep time in Regime.
Need food.jpg
The Prisoner is Hungry. A functioning Kitchen with at least one Chef is needed to prepare food to be delivered to the Canteen. During Eat time in Regime, Prisoners will go to the Canteen and seek out a Serving Table in order to get a meal.
Need hygene.jpg
The Prisoner wants to get a Shower. Prisoners will seek out a functioning Shower Room and stand under a Shower Head with the water running for a few seconds. This can be achieved during Freetime or Shower in Regime. Prisoners will also shower if there is an available functional shower head in their current room.
Need clothesA14.jpg
The Prisoner wants Clean Clothes. Just before a shower, Prisoners will discard their dirty uniforms and pick up a clean uniform from their bed if it is available. A functioning Laundry Room is necessary for the continued collection and redistribution of clean uniforms to cells.
Need comfort.jpg
The Prisoner needs to Relax. The Prisoner will seek out any available Bed, Bench, or Chair in the room they are currently occupying.
Need exercise.jpg
The Prisoner wants to stay in shape. Prisoners need a functioning Yard to run laps in, or to use a Weights Bench. This may be achieved during Yard time or Freetime in Regime.
Need safetyA14.jpg
The Prisoner wants protection, or weapons. When the Danger level increases, prisoners will seek out a way to steal a Contraband weapon. Get more Guards, and keep the danger level low.
Need freedom.jpg
The Prisoner would like to leave their cell more often. Prisoners will seek out a way to steal a Contraband tool and may begin digging an Escape Tunnel during Sleep time in Regime. Allow for more freetime in the Regime, or leave some doors unlocked.
Need family.jpg
The Prisoner misses their family. Prisoners will seek out a functioning Phone Booth in an existing room. Periodically, a Prisoner's family members may come to visit by arriving at the front door and waiting in a Visitation Room. Prisoners will then attempt to meet with their family members.
Need recreation.jpg
The Prisoner wants to have some fun. Prisoners will seek out a Pool Table or TV in the room they currently occupy, or any existing room during Freetime in Regime. The Common Room is intended to house these and other objects.
Need environmentA14.jpg
The Prisoner doesn't like dirty floors. Dirty floors will cause this need to go up. Hire more Janitors or build a Cleaning Cupboard and deploy more prisoners to clean during Work time in Regime.
Need privacyA14.jpg
The Prisoner wants to be alone. Being around large numbers of Prisoners will cause this need to go up. Provide functioning personal Cells and limit long stays in Holding Cells to keep this need low. Not all prisoners are affected by the need for privacy, you can identify these prisoners as the ones that don't complain when left in the holding cell, these prisoners can therefore be left in the holding cell without becoming tempered.
The Prisoner would like to read. Prisoners who have the "Clever" attribute will sometimes desire reading material from the Library as a replacement for recreation. If available a Prisoner will go to the Library and take a book with the to read at a later point.
Need drugs.png
The Prisoner wants to do drugs. Some Prisoners have a drug addiction which will cause them to complain and attempt to smuggle illicit drugs back to their cells. This need can be temporarily satisfied through medical treatment but will return if treatment ceases. Failure to get drugs will result in withdrawal symptoms which last for a protracted length of time.
Need alcohol.png
The Prisoner would like a drink. Some Prisoners have an alcohol addiction which will cause them to complain and attempt to smuggle alcohol back to their cells. This need can be temporarily satisfied through medical treatment or a Group Therapy session in a Common Room.
NOTICE: This list can change over time as the game gets developed.

These needs were available in previous versions of Prison Architect

  • Weapon - Satisfied by stealing weapons (may still be tracked behind the scenes, but is now hidden from players)
  • Defense - Renamed Safety in Alpha-13