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Palermo teaches the player about the various needs of Prisoners, and also provides an early look into reform programs and emergency services.


Other Information:

  • None provided

        -- SPOILER WARNING --        


The chapter opens with the camera panning over a burning kitchen and canteen after which the CEO calls the player to tell them to call emergency services and stop the fire.

Halfway through putting out the fire, Don Palermo emerges from the burning kitchen severely injured and is rushed to the infirmary. Sonny Palermo and Nico Tamoretti both visit him and Don asks which of them started the fire. They both deny it and Don threatens to kill whichever of the two started the fire. Outside the infirmary, Sonny and Nico threaten each other.

It is later revealed that Don had another son, Anthony Palermo, who was Susan's lover from Death Row. Further investigations after Anthony's murder led to the discovery of Don's narcotic's dealings, leading to the Palermo family's arrest.

Sonny Palermo later finds Nico alone in the showers, and Nico reveals he started the fire, but didn't intend to harm Don, but rather Sonny. Sonny threatens Nico with a knife, intending to murder him, but Nico had a lookout named Franky which strangles Sonny with piano wire. Sonny still manages to stab Nico and Franky before he dies leading to both Sonny and Franky's death.

Vitalia Palermo, Don's daughter and wife of Nico, visits Nico in the infirmary and divorces Nico, intending to revive the Palermo family's business.


Part 1

  • Call the fire department
  • Extinguish the flames

Part 2

  • Hire a couple of Doctors to staff the Infirmary (Two doctors)
  • Clear the burnt wreckage
  • Dismiss the firemen
  • Designate a Garbage Zone
  • Clear the canteen wreckage
  • Clear the kitchen wreckage
  • (OPTIONAL) Hire more workmen to speed up demolition

Part 3

  • Deploy 10 guards around the prison (Location does not matter)
  • Assign 2 guards to patrol the inner courtyard (Guards can be assigned to a single or multiple paths)

Part 4

  • Build a Kitchen (approx 12m sq)
    • Install at least four Cookers
    • Install at least four Fridges
    • Install a Kitchen Sink
    • Place a Bin in the Kitchen
    • Connect the Sink to the water mains
    • (OPTIONAL) Improve the kitchen floor
    • Hire at least 8 Cooks
  • Build a Canteen (approx 20m sq)
    • Install two Serving Tables
    • Install at least six Tables
    • Install two Benches around each Table
    • Place a Bin in the Canteen
    • (OPTIONAL) Improve the Canteen floor

Part 5

  • Install a new sprinkler system
    • Install a couple of sprinklers in the Kitchen (Two sprinklers)
    • Install a couple of sprinklers in the Canteen (Two sprinklers)
    • Connect the kitchen sprinklers to the water mains
    • Connect the canteen sprinklers to the water mains

Completing this allows the player to continue with the campaign.

  • (OPTIONAL) Take care of your inmates needs
    • (OPTIONAL) Handle the Food needs of your prisoners
    • (OPTIONAL) Handle the recreational needs of your prisoners
    • (OPTIONAL) Handle the environmental needs of your prisoners

Handling needs refers to having no prisoners "furious that they can't meet this need". [verification needed]

Part 6

  • (OPTIONAL) Clean Clothing
    • (OPTIONAL) Build a Laundrette
    • (OPTIONAL) Hire enough janitors to run your laundry
    • (OPTIONAL) Handle the clothing needs of your prisoners

Part 7

  • Find all the drugs in the prison
    • (OPTIONAL) Hire more guards to speed up the search (Completed by having 30 guards)

Part 8

  • Start a drug treatment program
  • Start a group therapy program for alcoholics
    • Build a common room
    • Create a meeting place made up of 8 chairs
  • (OPTIONAL) Start curing the inmates drug addictions
  • (OPTIONAL) Start helping the alcoholics through recovery

[verification needed]

Known Bugs

Game does not detect 8 Chairs if there are 2 or more common rooms. Temporarily clearing the "common room" designation from the other rooms will complete the objective.



  • The Palermo family is probably named after the Italian town of Palermo, a hotspot of the Sicilian Mafia, the Cosa Nostra.
  • The Superior Beds found in the two luxury cells can't be placed normally but they function as beds nevertheless with the model of the Comfy Bed.