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The staff-tab with some of the staff locked

Le personnel désigne les employés, comme le guard et le workmen, qui sont indispensable pour faire fonctionner votre prison. Certains types de personnels ne peuvent pas être embauché jusqu'à ce que vous les débloquiez dans Bureaucracy.

Type de personnel


Le Accountant réalise des rapports financiers qui vous donnent accès aux programmes de subventions gouvernementales afin d'obtenir plus d'argent. Le comptable vous permet aussi de dépenser plus que ce que vos recettes quotidiennes vous rapportent.


Un Cook est un employé responsable de nourrir vos prisoner. Il travaille dans la kitchen. On le nomme aussi "chef" dans au moins un grants. Le Cook est aussi résponsable de la manutention des marchandises depuis la zone de livraison vers la cuisine.


The Foreman will allow you to unlock Janitors and Gardeners.


A Guard maintains security at the prison, keeping an eye on prisoners, subduing riots or fights, and transporting prisoners to and from solitary, the Medical Ward, and other locations.


A Psychologist will provide you with insight into your prisoners state and problems at all times.


The Chief is in charge of your prison's security forces. He unlocks Patrols, the Security Room and Riot Guards.


A Warden is absolutely necessary in any prison, and he is needed to unlock the Bureaucracy tree, and allow alteration of the prison's regime. (Citation needed)


A Workman, also known as a builder, is a staff member who performs building and a number of other duties. These duties include construction, demolition, unloading incoming deliveries, taking out the trash, and loading the garbage truck. A Workman has access to areas behind normal and "staff only" doors, even if a prisoner is nearby.

Upcoming Staff Members

Riot Guard

The Riot Guard is an specialist Guard, including bodyarmour. He's able to handle aggressive Prisoners and Riots.