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Rooms compose most of the constructs created by a Player. They allow both prisoners and staff to use a designated space as a particular function of your prison, as long as they have the necessary equipment within the room.

While not every building needs a Room classification, such as a building housing a Generator or Water Pump Station, most areas of a prison should use rooms so prisoners can eat or sleep.



To designate an empty space as a particular room, select the rooms menu from the main icon panel, select the desired room from the list, then left click and drag over where you want the room to be. To remove a room designation, right click and drag over the room(s) you want to remove.


Designated rooms show a colored chessboard overlay and the name of the room. When an office is claimed, its name is changed to reflect the administrator who now occupies that particular office.


Some rooms have various requirements to become functional. To view the minimum requirements for the room, mouse-over the room type, and a pop-up will state what is required.

Once constructed, a room will display a warning symbol if any minimum requirement is not met. The mouse-over text will state the missing components that are needed in order to make the room functional.


Designating rooms does not cause any costs directly. Building any foundations around them will, and so will putting floor materials under outdoor rooms, and of course equipping the room with objects that may be required or wanted.

However, some rooms will cause items to be purchased automatically for the room to be filled with (e.g. Bleach for the Cleaning Cupboard or Trees for the Forestry), which might sum up to substantial amounts of money depending on the room size.


Some rooms such as cell, dormitory and yard have a room grading. Check out room grading article for full list and more information about it.


Room Name Description Minimum Size Minimum Requirements Other
Likely Objects
Living space for one Prisoner. Inmates will return here during "Sleep" and "Lockdown" time in Regime, as well as during Bangup. 2 x 3
(without "Small Cells" being researched by the Lawyer)
Same as Cell, but for more than one Prisoner. 2 x 3
Family Cell
Where your prisoners live, if they have babies. 4 x 4
Holding Cell
A larger shared living space occupied by any Prisoners not assigned a Cell. Inmates will return here during "Sleep" and "Lockdown" time in Regime even if it contains no Beds, as well as during Bangup. 5 x 5
An isolated cell used as punishment for Misconduct.
  • Enclosed
Where your prisoners go to eat meals during "Eat" time in Regime, and possibly your staff during their breaks.
An area for cooks to prepare food for your prisoners before delivering meals to the Canteen.
Used to keep your prisoners squeaky clean, and lice free. Prisoners will report here during "Shower" and "Free Time" time in Regime.
An outdoor area for exercise and recreation. Prisoners will report here during "Yard" time in Regime. 5 x 5
  • Secure
An area designated to hold any materials delivered to your prison but not currently in use.
Where your goods, materials, and prisoners are dropped off. 1 x 3
Where your garbage is dropped off to be collected by a Supply Truck. 1 x 3
Where you send your prisoners to die.
A room which may hold manufacturing equipment for license plate fabrication for profit. Prisoners will report here during "Work" time in Regime if jobs are available. 5 x 5
An office to house surveillance equipment such as a CCTV console. 4 x 4
An area for your administrative staff to work. 4 x 4
Area for your medical staff to work. When injured, Prisoners and Staff will be escorted by a Guard to the Infirmary to receive medical attention.
Where you store your dead prisoners and staff while awaiting a Hearse to take them away.
Common Room
A space to allow your prisoners to relax.
  • Indoors
A place to wash and press your prisoner uniforms. Prisoners will report here during "Work" time in Regime if there are jobs available.
A place for family members and lawyers to meet with Prisoners in person.
Cleaning Cupboard
Stores cleaning equipment for prisoners to clean the prison. Prisoners will report here during "Work" time in Regime if there are jobs available. 3 x 3
  • Indoors
Guard Dogs will use this room to rest in Dog crates to restore their energy. 5 x 5
Staff Room
This room functions to re-energize your tired staff members. 4 x 4
A room for storing equipment and gear for the armed guards.
A zone for the automation of Tree farming / the wood industry. 5 x 5
  • Outdoors
A room allowing a Teacher to instruct programs to prisoners in an attempt to reform them. 5 x 5
Finished workshop items will be sent here for a Supply Truck to pick them up. 1 x 3
Parole Room
Prisoners will come to this room to be judged on whether or not they are suitable for parole. The Chief, Warden, and the prisoner's lawyer will be present during this time. 5 x 5
Prisoners will use this room to read or work. 5 x 5
Where prisoners can buy blankets, towels, magazines, soap, shampoo etc. Prisoners can work in the shop and will unpack boxes and put items on shelves. Shop goods are brought into the prison and taken to the shop the same way that Library books are taken to the Library and Mail is taken to the Mail Room. 4 x 4
Mail Room
A processing and sorting room for letters sent to prisoners from their families. Prisoners may be assigned to work in the Mail room through Logistics 5 x 5
Prisoners will use this room to calm themselves with spiritual recovery. 6 x 6
Room where prisoners will be taken when they first arrive.
Padded Cell
Very similar to normal cell but with walls padded for safety, designated for Criminally Insane prisoners. 2 x 3
Padded Holding Cell
A larger shared living space with padded walls, designated for Criminally Insane prisoners who aren't assigned to any Padded Cell. Inmates will return here during "Sleep" and "Lockdown" time in Regime even if it contains no Beds, as well as during Bangup. 5 x 5
Padded Solitary
An isolated cell with padded walls used as punishment for Misconduct, designated only for Criminally Insane prisoners.
  • Enclosed
Psychiatrist Office
Psychiatrist's workplace and room where Psychiatric Consultation program takes place. 4 x 4
Only available in Female Prisons. Activity room for female prisoners with babies.


  • If rooms have to be enclosed, be sure only marking the floor. Do not include outer doors in that assigned area. Otherwise, this condition is not met.