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{{Object infobox
{{Object infobox
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|name=Serving Table

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The Serving Table is an essential object for the Canteen.

Cooks will place prepared food at the Serving Table. Prisoners will take a full Food Tray back to their table.

A serving table can hold four food types. Cooks will initially fill each space with twenty meals. A full serving table can hold eighty meals. As soon as there is less than twenty meals in a stack, more food will be brought to the serving table. A serving table will only serve one prisoner at a time.


  • The serving table can only distribute food so fast. If you have empty stomachs and still plenty of meals at the end of your eat time, then you need more serving tables.
  • Consider putting the serving tables as close to your kitchen as possible to reduce amount of traveling for your cooks. But, make sure those doors are safe from those knife-loving prisoners!


  • Characters can pass through serving tables. These currently will not block access to areas like a kitchen placed behind them.

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