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Version 2.3 removed the cap of 20 prisoners working in a single large room at a time. The new cap is 100.
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Note: the constant flow of incoming stacks of ingredients to your kitchen makes it a common place for [[contraband]]. Having [[Patrol|dog patrols]] in your kitchen will help in catching the contraband before it makes it into prisoner hands.
Kitchens are not used to cook staff meals. Those are delivered from outside the prison. However, it's the cooks' job as well to distribute them to the staff rooms and staff canteens.
== Prison Labour ==
For prisoners to be allowed to work in the kitchen, they have to pass the [[Programs|Kitchen Safety and Hygiene Program]], which also takes place in the kitchen and requires one cooker per prisoner, up to 5 of them being able to attend at once. A session takes 2 hours and is led by a cook. Afterwards, up to 20 100 qualified prisoners may work in the kitchen during work [[regime]], each taking up 12 squares of space (so a kitchen of 240 1200 squares will provide jobs for the maximum amount of prisoners), if assigned in the [[Prison Labour]] view of the [[Logistics]] menu.
== Food Distribution ==