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An area where stacks are stored. A workman will carry newly arrived stuff from the Delivery zone to the storage room. Unused materials and dismantled objects will be stored here. If there is no Storage area, objects will be left on the floor where they drop.

Workmen, Janitors, and Gardeners will idle here if they have no current tasks.

This area is a source of Contraband. Screwdrivers, saws, drills and hammers can all be taken from this area. These are all metal, however, so building a Metal Detector can stop this from happening.


  • Make a storage room near the kitchen and/or central area to minimize walking distance.
  • Place a metal detector at the door(s) of the Storage so that Prisoners who are snooping around and decide to steal metal Contraband from the Storage are caught.
  • Better yet, one may assign the Storage room as "Staff Only" in the Deployment tab, so that working and curious Prisoners do not walk in and steal Contraband.