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Alpha 2

Full changelist taken from forums, CBA to format:

   = Deployment mode 
       New screen in the toolbar, unlocked in the usual way by the Security Chief 
       You can assign Guards to the sectors of your jail 
       You can draw Patrol routes within the sectors, and your guards will follow them    
   - Intake options: When creating a new map there is an option called Continuous Intake 
       - "Enabled" behaves like Alpha1, ie a semi-random number of prisoners arrive every day 
       - "Disabled" means prisoners only arrive when you have capacity to fit them in 
       - Max 24 prisoners per day either way        
   - Newly created sandboxes have a Time Warp Factor, which govers the speed of the game clock. 
       Large maps now "slow down" the game clock by 50% to give entities longer to get around. 
       Medium maps slow down the game clock to 75%. Small maps run at 100%. 
   - The game now saves thumbnail PNGs when you save a level.  
       These are displayed in the Loading / Saving screen when available 
   - Large Pipes can now be built under existing walls 
   - Fixed: Game now runs on MacOSX 10.6 or greater (issue with libcurl) 
   - Experimental Fix: Game should now run properly on Retina Mac screens 
       It will default to fullscreen at the lower (non retina) resolution 
       You can force Retina resolution (2x higher) in preferences.txt with screenW and screenH 
   - Fixed: Some needs should not be displayed to the user (Eg need for Weapon) 
   - Fixed: Prisoners will no longer sit on chairs or use any equipment in any Office 
   - Fixed: An issue where goods and Prisoners in a supply truck could be left behind on the road 
   - Fixed: Prisoners would sometimes become stationary zombies after being escorted from the deliveries zone 
       (AiTargetSet flag not cleared) 
   - Fixed: Room type was often forgotten after a Save & Load. Room type would show up after load as "None". 
       Note: Save games with this bug will still be broken on Load.  The game will assign these rooms type "Cell" as a guess. 
   - Fixed: An issue that caused Save Games to load very very slowly (appearing to crash) if you had created a single very large room 
   - Mealtimes [Secret]