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Pdx theme

Am I the only one who thinks that this was not really necessary to happen and that wiki this way looks much uglier? It was our holy place I personally loved the way it was. Now it just lost all its PA soul and well... Since the mediawiki update a lot of things got messed up. I reported them everywhere - support, forums, even took it to DM with some of the wiki dudes and nothing. The issues are still here.

Game is super old. There will be probably a few updates in the future but yea - everyone here, on the forums and our discord can see that Pdx is not putting much attention to Prison Architect. Posts on the forums are ignored like many other things.

You guys could at least make it so it's possible to switch to the old theme in user preferences. BadAim (talk) 10:37, 19 June 2019 (UTC)

Hi, I'm sorry that the update was did not go smoothly, it was indeed buggier than expected. Regarding your points:
  1. With whom did you speak about the wiki?
  2. Could you specify the issues please?
  3. We are currently trying different themes on the PA wiki, if you have suggestions for color pallets we would be happy to hear them. If you wish, you can prepare a version of the "important pages" on your sandbox for us to check.
  4. Among the things that may change is how languages are currently set up.
  5. Please be patient with us. I'm sure news about future development will arrive sooner than later :) ~ SolSys (talk) 19:54, 19 June 2019 (UTC)

First it was Pdx support, then Dauth and nothing really happened so I gave up.
The biggest issue reported couple of times (on discord and even here) is small font in templates, Template:Footer Objects for example. These were used for a quick access and very useful but not anymore. I am not sure what went wrong but quick solution would be editing these and adding class attribute and then css or css itself that would fix the font size. If these were not locked, I would edit them by myself. There were a few more which I forgot now but I will take a look and post here if they are still a thing.
About the languages - I know it could upset some people but in my opinion, the wiki is lacking a lot in the other languages. I did not check them all but it seems like most of the content in other languages is translated only in 1-5%. German, French and Russian are the only exceptions but still. There's so much outdated or incomplete informations (not to mention they all are running the old theme) so I would hide / disable the abbility to switch languages completely.
I know the wiki is supposed to be in the same style as the other PDX wikis but the way it looks atm is just so bad. I could try making my own theme but without CSS it's just hard. I think it would be great to use some images from the game itself as a background for some elements here, on the wiki. Anyways, I do not know what are the possibilities and how far we could go with this (not to far I guess than what we have rn) but I might try once I have some free time.
--BadAim (talk) 19:48, 20 June 2019 (UTC)