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{{L|Weights Bench}}
{{L|Banc de Musculation}}
{{Infobox Object
{{Infobox Object
|name=Weights Bench
|name=Banc de Musculation
|image=[[File:Weights Bench.png]]
|image=[[File:Weights Bench.png]]

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Banc de Musculation/Lang

Weights Bench.png

Banc de Musculation





Toughness (HP):


Used in:

Other Information:

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When placed in the Yard or Common Room, the Weights Bench is used by prisoners to satisfy their Exercise need.

Prisoners in (permanent) Lockdown or Death Row need the Weights Bench in their cells to benefit from it. Since those are very often troublemakers it can be a good alternative to keep them calm by providing all they want.

A Cell or Dormitory does not increase its cell grading when equipped with the Weights Bench.

If the Events option is used in the game, the city mayor may demand the removal of all weights benches in the prison at random occasions.


  • The weights bench actually only uses 1 square, while it looks like it would need 2.